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 Forum Rules & Guidelines

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PostSubject: Forum Rules & Guidelines   Forum Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Nov 16, 2009 1:17 pm

In the following post you will find a list of the forum rules. Please ensure that you abide by these rules at all times, so we can maintain a fun and friendly environment. It is important that all users read these rules before posting, to avoid any misunderstandings that may occur, it is also important that all users check these rules regularly, as they may have been edited every now and then.

No abuse towards other members.
We understand that because this is a sports forum, people will have disagreements from time to time, that's perfectly understandable, we acknowledge and encourage that members have disagreements, in this situation, it is fine to voice your opinion. But - when it gets to the stage that all that's being posted is nothing but abuse, you will be warned privately and if you're caught acting in an abusive nature again, we're obliged to ban you from the forum for a set amount of time, determined by the administrator/moderator that is handling the situation.

No spamming on the forum.
Posting pointless one word posts or posts that don't actually add anything to the forum are just a waste of time and space. Annoying little posts just to increase your amount of posts will not be tolerated. Remember, it's not about the amount of posts you have that matters, it's the quality of what's in each post.

No pornography / nudity.
This rule is very self explanatory. There is a time and a place for porn, and it's not on a public message forum, well not this forum. Please don't post any sexually explicit pictures/videos/material. Harsh penalties will occur for offenders.

No racism whatsoever.
We're very strict on racism. People from any country have access to this forum, and could be very offended by racist comments. If you post any racist material, you will be banned immediately. Be sure of this!

Posting Articles.
When posting a news article, please do not post all of the article in the particular topic. Post two, or three paragraphs of it at the most, and then provide the link to the news article. This is just to give some credit to where it's deserved.

No advertising other forums.
Please do not post links to other forums. Weather it be on the forum, in your signature, your avatar, or via PM's, we don't tolerate this. If you receive advertising in a PM, please contact a staff member about it, and they will attend to the issue as opposed to you taking matters into your own hands, it's best not to even reply to advertising. If you feel as though you need to post a link to another forum for a particular reason, please contact an administrator beforehand.

Please refrain from text speak (txt spk).
Pls do nt pst lyk dis all da tyme. While we can accept the occasional 'u' or 'r', please post in a professional, easy to read manner at all times, when you're on the forum, you're not on MSN, so please do not use text speak on the forum, it's just too hard to understand.

This is a sports forum, and harsh opinions are likely to be posted often. We allow you to swear from time to time to express your feelings, but please remember that people from all ages have access to this message board, so please do not curse too often, and only in small amounts. If we feel that it's happening too much, we will contact you, and if it continues, you're likely to be suspended from using the forum.

Respecting Staff.
Please do not disrespect staff members. They're people too, and at the end of the day they're only doing their job. If you do have a complaint against a staff member, do not post it in the forum, PM an administrator in detail of what you think the problem is.

Please search.
Always use the search function. Before posting a new topic, please search to see if the topic already exists. Having multiple of the same topics just takes up time and space.

Please check these rules regularly, as they might change from time to time.

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Forum Rules & Guidelines
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